Cindy M. Sadler has 31 years of experience helping individuals and families in every aspect of planning and administering estates.  This law practice is focused exclusively in the area of estate planning and probate  Cindy will listen to you and put your wishes into legal documents to make sure that your desires are followed.  It is her goal to provide the documents you need for your unique situation - from the simplest estate to very complex arrangements.

Because life is constantly changing, Cindy recommends updating estate plans regularly, especially for those who are entering a second marriage, have had a significant change in the value of assets or have acquired additional properties.  Wills and trusts should be updated whenever there has been a significant change in one's life.

No estate is too small to be well planned.   For more information, contact Cindy at 801-274-0062.
Helping Utah Families and Individuals for 31 Years with Practical and Affordable Solutions to Estate-Planning Needs

If you are leaving an IRA to one or more beneficiaries it is very important to carefully consider who to name as the beneficiaries.  Equally important is instructing your beneficiaries on the benefits of the use of an inherited IRA as a long-term tax shelter.
If your beneficiary is a spouse, the spouse can put the IRA into his/her own name and leave the money alone until he/she reaches 701/2 years old (the spouse can get the money earlier if needed). The rules for retitling an IRA are very specific.  Please contact my office if you are the beneficiary of an IRA so that we can determine your best course of action to get as much tax deferral as possible.In general, naming adult children as direct beneficiaries is preferable to naming a family trust as the beneficiary. There are many exceptions to this rule.  Your estate planning consultation will include a discussion of how to best structure your beneficiary designations. 
Naming IRA Beneficiaries